An Overview of the Jacuzzi Soaking Tub

The Jacuzzi soaking tub has quickly gone from being an expensive luxury item to something commonly found in homes today. In fact, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals has estimated that at least 5 million households in the United States have claimed to own at least one.Have a look at jacuzzi tub repair for more info on this. The following will be a short overview of the most common models, the advantages and disadvantages, and a few important tips to help you make your purchase.

Although the Jacuzzi soaking tub is a brand name, it is not unusual for any hot tub or spa to be referred to by this name. One type that you may be interested in is the inflatable models which are typically made from plastic, vinyl, or nylon. This is a good choice for you if you are trying to save money because they are much cheaper than other types, usually only $500 to $2000 at most. Another great thing about this option is that they are lightweight which makes moving and installing them quite easy. You do not need to set up any plumbing for them either as they can easily be filled with a garden hose.
Of course the inflatable Jacuzzi soaking tub is not without its limitations. For one thing, it not very durable so you have to take extra care of it. Also, instead of using water jets they have to use noisy space blowers in order to replicate the whirlpool jets. This also causes the water to cool off faster than usual which can really limit the amount of time you get to relax and soak.
If you were looking for a more traditional Jacuzzi soaking tub, then you would probably like the above ground styles fashioned from acrylic.

The acrylic is usually reinforced with fiberglass to provide them with extra durability, but even this can only do so much to prevent cracks and scratches. They will typically have all the luxuries built right in such as water and/or air jets, heaters, filtration systems, and more. They come in a wide variety of sizes, small enough for 2 people or up to 10 or more. You can often control the settings for each person in the tub as well.

And finally, if you are going for a more traditional look, you may appreciate the wooden Jacuzzi soaking tub. These tubs are often hand crafted from various types of pleasant scented woods and feature a unique barrel like shape. They are nice and deep which allows you to soak your entire body comfortably, but they do require a bit more care and maintenance if you are going to keep them in great condition. Probably the best thing about them though is that they can be installed in a wide variety of locations, both in and outside of the home.