Nolan Coaches – Review

Travelling by Coach is quickly becoming the preferred choice of travel for many, we are seeing an incline in Coach Travel and Hire, which could be for several reasons.

Firstly is becoming apparent that longer journeys by Coach are far more comfortable than they used to be in years gone by, for example often longer Coach journeys take place over night allowing the passenger to rest and sleep with the luxury of more legroom than most charter flights and also a decent and comfortable reclining seat.Read what he said Nolan.

Many top executive coaches also have TFT screens in the rear of headrests as found on many long haul flights – These can play a variety of on-board films, or because no restrictions on mobile internet signal they can be used as a web browser.

Another thing not found on any train, plane or automobile that is often found in the luxurious environment of a long haul coach is satellite television – This is made possible due to a dome-type motorised satellite dish that stays fixed to the satellite sending the signal which allows for the luxury of live sports events, recent films or even the latest soaps or news right to your seat.

It is also not uncommon to find showers on board a long haul coach, granted it could be a little tricky having a shower while on the move, but with anti-slip surfaces and plenty of grab rails its actually not an impossible task and allows you to be completely refreshed ahead of your coach journey stop.

Another benefit over flying is that it can be a lot cheaper , with today’s fuel prices getting more and more unsettled flights are only going to get massively more expensive, this is because they use far more fuel per passenger – per mile than a coach ever will, thus satisfying the needs of any environmentalists too.

Sure, you can travel further in less time on an plane, no disputing that, but dont forget you have at least a couple of hours in the airport before boarding, then perhaps an hour at your destination while you disembark and await the dreaded luggage carousel to spit out your bag – Non of this is necessary on Coach, this is because 1)no passport required for domestic coach hire, 2) throw your luggage in the coach locker and 3)no stringent security checks required to jump on a coach, so in theory what would be a one hour flight can be easily achieved by Coach in perhaps 4-5 hours but with the added benefit of a relaxed environment from start to finish.

So, it can be as quick as flying, it can be cheaper, more relaxed, more comfortable, more choice, more entertainment and more room – So you can easily see why coach hire and travel is becoming a preferred method of transport, particularly for domestic long haul journeys.